Anke Hüls, PhD, MSc

Assistant Professor

Department of Epidemiology and

Gangarosa Department of Environmental Health

Rollins School of Public Health, Emory University

My research involves the development of epidemiological methods and their direct application to environmental and genetic epidemiology. Examples include the association between outdoor and indoor air pollution with human health, methods and applications for the detection of gene-environment (GxE) interactions, and current challenges in the analysis of DNA methylation data.

My mission is to improve the understanding of environmental risk factors particularly in susceptible populations that are already at a higher risk for disease. 



The Huels Lab just received its third pilot grant! With the support of the Winship Invest$ Pilot Project Program we will study environmental risk factors for childhood cancer.



The Huels Lab got another pilot grant funded! With the support of the Dean’s Pilot and Innovation Grant we will analyze associations of air pollution exposure with neuropathology and brain tissue-based DNA methylation.


Check out our new article in Translational Psychiatry showing associations between brain tissue-based DNA methylation and late-life depression, which were independent of dementia.


The first results of our project on COVID-19 in individuals with Down syndrome have been released!


Our new preprint on medRxiv indicates that differential DNA methylation and subcortical brain volumes might possibly be used as neonatal biomarkers for severe delay in neurodevelopment


The Huels Lab got its first grant funded! With the support of the HERCULES pilot program we will study air pollutant mixtures and cognitive function in the Emory Health Aging Study. Stay tuned for upcoming research opportunities!


Happy to announce that I just started my own lab at the Rollins School of Public Health, Emory University!


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