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Are you planning to graduate in spring/summer 2024 (or later)? Or looking for a new research opportunity? We are looking for a postdoc to join our team for our NIH/NIA R01 project "Air pollution and early signs and biomarkers of dementia" (R01AG079170, Huels/Wingo). We are looking for applicants with a PhD degree in Environmental Epidemiology or Biostatistics, and strong experience in coding with R. Experience in environmental epidemiology (especially air pollution research), epigenetics, causal mediation analyses and/or environmental mixture analyses are of advantage. 

PhD students

I accept Emory PhD students enrolled in the Epidemiology, the Environmental Health Sciences Graduate Program or the Genetics and Molecular Biology Program. Contact me if you are interested in rotation projects or joining the lab. Doctoral research projects will be focused on data analysis, and thus students must have completed coursework in biostatistics and/or epidemiology and should be proficient with R.   


Masters students

Feel free to contact me if you are an Emory MPH or MSPH student interested in the REAL program or looking for a thesis project. Thesis projects will require advanced coding skills in R, and thus interested students should be able to demonstrate proficiency with R or complete courses to build this skill prior to the final year of their Masters program.

International Trainees

Selected Fellowships:

I'm happy to support your application for these or other fellowships!

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