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Tong Wen, PhD 
Postdoc, she/her 

I joined the Huels lab as postdoc fellow in August 2023. I received my bachelor’s degree in Preventive Medicine in 2016 and master’s degree in Epidemiology and Health Statistics in 2019, both from Chongqing Medical University in China. I received my doctoral degree in Epidemiology in 2023 from Penn State College of Medicine, where I got training in air pollution epidemiology and developed interests to expand my research in the direction of environment and gene interaction. My broad research interests focus on environmental and chronic disease epidemiology.  I am particularly interested in studying how environmental stressors (e.g., air pollution) interacting with genetic variance will shape human’s susceptibility to chronic disease.  My current work focuses on air pollution exposure, genetic risk factors, and preclinical stage of Alzheimer's disease and related dementias (AD/ADRD).  Outside of research, I enjoy reading autobiography and baking various desserts. 


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