Child Health in South Africa

Impact of genetics, epigenetics and environmental risk factors

Collaboration with Heather Zar, Dan Stein, Aneesa Vanker and many other wonderful colleagues at the University of Cape Town &

Michael Kobor and his lab at the University of British Columbia

Link to our recent preprint on neonatal biomarkers for neurodevelopmental delay.

Link to our recent publication on indoor air pollution, genetics and lung function.

More information about the study population can be found here.

Child Development in Europe

Impact of genetics and sociodemographic and environmental risk factors

Collaboration with the Leibniz Institute for Prevention Research and Epidemiology – BIPS, Bremen, Germany and the IDEFICS/I.Family consortia.

Link to our recent preprint.

Dementia and Late-Life Depression

Impact of genetics and epigenetics

Collaboration with Michael Epstein, Aliza Wingo, Thomas Wingo and Karen Conneely from the School of Medicine at Emory University

Link to our recent preprint on DNA methylation and cognitive decline.

Link to our recent publication on DNA methylation and late-life depression.

Air Pollution and Cognitive Function in the Emory Healthy Aging Study 

HERCULES Pilot Project

Collaboration with Stefanie Ebelt and Lance Waller from the RSPH at Emory University.

Research assistants: Zhenjiang Li (PhD student in Environmental Health Sciences, RSPH) and Grace Christensen (PhD student in Epidemiology)

More details about the project can be found here.

COVID-19 in Individuals with Down Syndrome

T21RS COVID-19 initiative

International initiative to better understand the risk and to formulate appropriate recommendations to protect individuals with Down syndrome against COVID-19.

More details about the project and some preliminary results can be found here.

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